Hemophilia Society, Kunnamkulam Chapter, registered in 1995 under the Charitable Societies Act, is a fellowship of PWHs, their family members, physicians, paramedical professionals, social workers and activists. It is a movement of the fraternity affiliated to Hemophilia Federation (India). There are 371 PWHs including other bleeding disorders in Kunnamkulam chapter as on 31st Aug 2013. The aims and objectives of our society are:

  • Locate people with bleeding disorders and make necessary arrangements for accurate diagnosis.
  • To make imported Blood Factors available to the needy at the lowest cost possible.
  • To prepare simple pamphlets on hemophilia and other bleeding disorders for distribution among the PWHs, their families and the public.
  • To educate people with bleeding disorders about the hereditary aspects and methods of solving problems associated with this handicap.
  • To educate family members and relatives of PWHs and their families about the probability of such births in future and methods to avoid such births.
  • To sensitize family members and relatives of persons with bleeding disorders about the importance of carrier detection and prenatal diagnosis
  • To launch awareness programmes for family members about the first aids to be given to PWHs facing a crisis before the service of a doctor is available.
  • To sensitize PWHs and their families and about transfusion-transmitted infections like HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, syphilis, cytomegalovirus, malaria, etc. and precautions to be taken.
  • To immunize PWHs and those with other bleeding disorders against hepatitis B, free of cost.
  • To organize periodic camps for children and youth living with hemophilia and also for their mothers and other family members to promote their fraternity.
  • To provide free counseling services and care and support during emergency.
  • To launch awareness programmes on hemophilia and other bleeding disorders among the public.
  • To bring to attention of the state and local bodies, the problems faced by PWHs and people with other bleeding disorders.
  • To cooperate with professional organizations of physicians, surgeons and paramedical hospital staff to offer continuous medical education programmes on management of patients with bleeding disorders.
A Bandage is not enough - World hemophilia day April 17


Dear Friend, You Can Help Us

Advise people showing signs of bleeding disorders and their family members to join us. Kindly make arrangements for medical attention when they meet with a crisis. Please inform us immediately. You can also provide the much needed help to PWHs by donation of blood, spreading awareness, procuring medicine and adopting a child with hemophilia by an annual contribution for medical treatment. Your donations to our society are exempted from income tax.

Thanking You.

General Secretary

Phone: +91-984-762-2366

Prof. N N Gokuldas

Phone: +91-944-723-6361