Hemophilia is a rare inherited bleeding disorder. It is not permanently curable but treatable and manageable through careful medication and nursing. PWHs suffer from unexpected bleeding for days.


When a capillary is injured, blood leaks out. The capillary tightens up to slow down the bleeding. Then blood platelets form a plug to close the hole formed in the wall of the capillary. This is followed by a cascade action of not less than thirteen clotting factors (named using Roman Numerals) in blood plasma which give rise to a clot formed of fibrin over the plug. This clot makes the plug stronger and bleeding is arrested.

  • A call for help from a child or person with hemophilia (PWH) or with any other bleeding disorder may come to any of us.
  • Any one of us may meet a person with hemophilia during a journey.
  • We may have a class mate, a colleague or a neighbor with he mophilia or any other bleeding disorder.
  • So it is our moral obligation to be aware of hemophilia and other bleeding disorders.